Instagram for Real Life

What do you do with expired SX-70 film that is so old the chemicals have dried up and the film is useless? Toss it? Never! I split them open and turned them into frames for some old pictures I had lying around in a box. Like instagram for real life!

© 2014 christy zehr

Embarcadero Diana F+ w/ Polaroid Back

Another beautiful day in the city! I headed down Epic for lunch and then walked to the ferry building.

Bottle Rock Music Festival

Headed up to Napa last weekend to camp, party and listen to great music. It was a blast!  I’ve been shooting so much digital lately, I forgot how much I love my Holga, with all its light leaks, long exposures and colored flashes!

© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored SOMA to Fillmore Part Two

I brought my camera with me when I ran some errands last week. I walked around SOMA and then from the Tenderloin to the Fillmore District.  It was a bright blue beautiful day! Part Twois a collection chaotic overlapping exposures, often dissected by power lines. 

© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored SOMA to Fillmore Part One

I brought my camera with me when I ran some errands last week. I walked around SOMA and then from the Tenderloin to the Fillmore District.  It was a bright blue beautiful day! Part One is a collection of images with a strong negative space and minimal overlapping. 

© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored Window View

I took these at twilight last night. The extra blue tinge coupled with a high iso and shooting though a dirty window remind me of a cyanotype.

© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored Squared

I am having so much fun with these double exposed images! Some are so simple and others so complex. At first I was so drawn to the negative space that the sky created. But more and more i’m loving the crazy chaotic overlapping exposures. 

©2014 christy zehr

My new avatar image

Legion of Honor, San Francisco

I visited the Legion of Honor earlier this month. It was so beautiful in the Presidio that day, I didn’t mind getting a little lost walking there. I love to see art up close and personal, to see the detail and the texture.  

1. Konstantin Makovsky (1839-1915)-Russian Bride’s attire
2. Fairies In A Bird’s Nest :: John Anster Fitzgerald
3. Renoir - Landscape at Beaulieu - ca 1893
4. Love and the Maiden. John Roddam Spencer-Stanhope
5. Claude Monet ~Water Lilies
6/7. The Crucifixion, Matteo di Giovanni ca 1490
8. Jean-Marc Nattier, Terpsichore (1739)

Flashback Fridays: Tiffany 2003

Who better to feature in this week’s flashback, Tiff! We headed out to Barber’s Point on Oahu for a graduation (if I remember correctly) photo shoot. 

Camera: Pentax ZX50
Film: Kodak 400 35mm

©2003 christy zehr

What’s Cooking?

I like to cook and I like photography, and the two hobbies go so well together. Here’s a sample of the some of the stuff I’ve been cooking up so far this year. 

Camera: Canon 70D, 50mm Lens

© 2014 christy zehr

Owens Family 2014

I don’t do portrait photography much any more. But when the opportunity to photograph a family as beautiful as this one, how can you pass it up? My dear friend Tiff is pregnant with her second child. We met up at the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park last Sunday for a fun family portrait session. This is just a small sample of the all the great pictures I got. I had so much fun, from picking out the picnic accessories to setting up each scene and pose. I think I should do this more often. :)

Camera: Canon 70D Lens: EFS 18-135mm Edited in Lightroom 
© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored SOMA

More in camera digital multiple exposure. I really like the way the negative space is emphasized and the different shapes that are created.

©2014 christy zehr. 


I’ve been continuing to experiment with double exposures with my Canon 70D. I’m really liking what this camera can do. I’ve also been playing around in Lightroom with the post processing. I don’t think I’ve found the exact aesthetic I want yet.  I think that I may have over corrected them. They should still be a bit washed out, but not too much. They should be ever so slightly bluer. 

Camera: Canon 70D

Lens: Canon 40mm f2.8

©2014 christy zehr

Flashback Fridays: Saipan 2002

Camera: Olympus Digital Camera D-550

Aw man, going through these pictures really made me miss Saipan. I can’t believe that it’s been 12 years since I’ve been back! And in November it will be 20 years since my family moved there. What an amazing and beautiful place to live! 

The poor quality of these pictures really shows how far digital photography has come. These are only 3 mega pixels! 

© christy zehr