Huntington Park Holgaroid

A few weeks ago, I made a discovery that changed my world! Did you know that you can get a negative from a Polaroid? When I found out, I was like, WHAT?!?! I have thrown away hundreds of potential negatives! No more!

Today I took my Holgaroid (Holga with a Polaroid back) with me to the dog park. Instead of throwing away the black park, I saved them and brought them back home. With the help of some Clorox gel and a scrub brush, in less than ten minutes I had several negatives drying on a rack. I am in love with the dirty gritty look. I can’t wait to get out there and shoot some more!

©2014 christy zehr

Mirrored Nob Hill

With this series, I tried to get the exposure and color balance to look as normal as possible. I played with over/under exposing when I was shooting and tweaking the color balance to get rid of the blue cast. It worked best when shooting buildings in direct light. 

© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored Larkin Holga

It’s been a while since I’ve taken my Holga out for a mirrored photo walk. I had some film to drop off, so I thought, why not shoot another roll on my way over. As spoiled as I am with my digital camera, you can’t replicate the beauty of real film grain. 

© 2014 christy zehr

New Camera: Fuji Instax 210 Wide

Fuji Instax 210

I love Polaroid and other Instant Film cameras. I have the Fuji Instax back for my Diana, which I love, but the pictures are pretty small. The Instax Wide are 2x the size, so I couldn’t wait to try it out. I had wanted to take it with me to watch the World Cup game, but I missed the delivery and had to pick it up at the post office. After the game we were going to another bar. The post office just so happened to be on the way, so I stopped and picked it up.  Bad idea. I was already drunk and I was too excited to get started that I didn’t bother putting the strap on and I dropped and broke the camera before I even finished the first roll. Life lesson, don’t take a brand new camera out when you’ve been day drinking. I ordered another one the next week and have been very careful with it since. The last four images are from the film that was leftover after I broke the first camera. I squeezed the chemistry out with a hand roller and got some great colors and patterns! Some of the chemistry leaked out and got on the roller, that’s where the black “footprints” come from.

© 2014 christy zehr

World Cup 2014

I brought my Holga along with me to McTeague’s to watch USA play in the World Cup. We had so much fun, dressing up all patriotic, day drinking and cheering on Team USA.  Notice the use of red, white and blue flashes!

© 2014 christy zehr

Pride Parade 2014

I am really behind on my posts! Pride was all the way back in June… The last few years I’ve had to work on Pride, but the parade route is between my home and my work. So I leave extra early and photograph as I walk to work. I love to see all the hard work and creativity that goes into the costumes and floats. It really is amazing! This year there didn’t seem to be as many people watching the parade. I was able to get right up front a couple of times and get some great unobstructed shots. Of course I had to throw in a shot of City Hall with a bunch of Pride around it.

© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored Overcast Skies

What happens when you make a double exposure on an overcast day where the sky is nothing but a pale, pale grey? Only the overlapping parts of the image are the only bit to show up. Everything else is so overexposed they become white. I think it looked especially cool when I took picture of trees. The images remind me of Rorschach prints.

© 2014 christy zehr

Instagram for Real Life

What do you do with expired SX-70 film that is so old the chemicals have dried up and the film is useless? Toss it? Never! I split them open and turned them into frames for some old pictures I had lying around in a box. Like instagram for real life!

© 2014 christy zehr

Embarcadero Diana F+ w/ Polaroid Back

Another beautiful day in the city! I headed down Epic for lunch and then walked to the ferry building.

Bottle Rock Music Festival

Headed up to Napa last weekend to camp, party and listen to great music. It was a blast!  I’ve been shooting so much digital lately, I forgot how much I love my Holga, with all its light leaks, long exposures and colored flashes!

© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored SOMA to Fillmore Part Two

I brought my camera with me when I ran some errands last week. I walked around SOMA and then from the Tenderloin to the Fillmore District.  It was a bright blue beautiful day! Part Twois a collection chaotic overlapping exposures, often dissected by power lines. 

© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored SOMA to Fillmore Part One

I brought my camera with me when I ran some errands last week. I walked around SOMA and then from the Tenderloin to the Fillmore District.  It was a bright blue beautiful day! Part One is a collection of images with a strong negative space and minimal overlapping. 

© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored Window View

I took these at twilight last night. The extra blue tinge coupled with a high iso and shooting though a dirty window remind me of a cyanotype.

© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored Squared

I am having so much fun with these double exposed images! Some are so simple and others so complex. At first I was so drawn to the negative space that the sky created. But more and more i’m loving the crazy chaotic overlapping exposures. 

©2014 christy zehr

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