Flashback Fridays: Tiffany 2003

Who better to feature in this week’s flashback, Tiff! We headed out to Barber’s Point on Oahu for a graduation (if I remember correctly) photo shoot. 

Camera: Pentax ZX50
Film: Kodak 400 35mm

©2003 christy zehr

What’s Cooking?

I like to cook and I like photography, and the two hobbies go so well together. Here’s a sample of the some of the stuff I’ve been cooking up so far this year. 

Camera: Canon 70D, 50mm Lens

© 2014 christy zehr

Owens Family 2014

I don’t do portrait photography much any more. But when the opportunity to photograph a family as beautiful as this one, how can you pass it up? My dear friend Tiff is pregnant with her second child. We met up at the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park last Sunday for a fun family portrait session. This is just a small sample of the all the great pictures I got. I had so much fun, from picking out the picnic accessories to setting up each scene and pose. I think I should do this more often. :)

Camera: Canon 70D Lens: EFS 18-135mm Edited in Lightroom 
© 2014 christy zehr

Mirrored SOMA

More in camera digital multiple exposure. I really like the way the negative space is emphasized and the different shapes that are created.

©2014 christy zehr. 


I’ve been continuing to experiment with double exposures with my Canon 70D. I’m really liking what this camera can do. I’ve also been playing around in Lightroom with the post processing. I don’t think I’ve found the exact aesthetic I want yet.  I think that I may have over corrected them. They should still be a bit washed out, but not too much. They should be ever so slightly bluer. 

Camera: Canon 70D

Lens: Canon 40mm f2.8

©2014 christy zehr

Flashback Fridays: Saipan 2002

Camera: Olympus Digital Camera D-550

Aw man, going through these pictures really made me miss Saipan. I can’t believe that it’s been 12 years since I’ve been back! And in November it will be 20 years since my family moved there. What an amazing and beautiful place to live! 

The poor quality of these pictures really shows how far digital photography has come. These are only 3 mega pixels! 

© christy zehr

Flashback Fridays: 2001

A random assortment of images from 2001. These are some of my earliest digital photographs. 

© 2001 christy zehr

Loading Docks

More from my photo walk around downtown San Francisco last week. I don’t know why, but I was really struck walking by all these loading docks. They’re so bright, empty and alone. Most of them are wide open, anyone could walk in. But no one does, they just walk on by.

©2014 christy zehr

The Lights Are On

My favorite time of day is twilight. I love the shifting color in the sky. The lights start to come on and in a blink of the eye night has fallen.

Camera: Canon 70D Lens: 40mm f2.8

©2014 christy zehr

Downtown Mirrored

I’ve been doing this series with my holga, diana, land camera and now I can use my Canon 70D! I love doing multiple exposures. I’m also obsessed with the different shapes the buildings make against the skyline. These images are as much if not more about the negative space. 

Camera: Canon 70D

Lens: Canon 40mm f2.8

©2014 christy zehr

Canon 7D and YN565EX Speedlights 

A little test shooting going on today. I picked up a couple of YN565EX speedlights a while ago, but never got around to playing with them. Now that I have my Canon 7D I wanted to see just what I can do with the combo. I’m pretty impressed. The first hour was a little frustrating, but once I got things synced and working it was all good. I can control quite a bit from the camera. Not everything I would if I had the comparable Canon ones.

Another cool feature for the Canon 7d is built in wi-fi. I was able to sync my Samsung Galaxy S4. I have a live view, can take pictures, look at pictures, and upload directly to Tumblr. 

Isn’t technology grand?

Hawaii 2013

North Shore, Oahu

For last 6 months, I’ve been saving up for a new DSLR. I was back and forth on which model and finally I decided on the Canon 70D. The other day I headed up to the North Shore to play with my new toy! I’m really happy with it and there is still so much to learn and master on this bad boy. 

(c) 2013 christy zehr

Flashback Friday, 2001

2001 was an important year for me, I graduated college, turned 21 and got my first digital camera! Again, when I look back at my earlier work, I can see I have a specific eye. I see the world in blocks of color and texture.  I think if I wasn’t a photographer I would be an abstract painter.

© 2001 christy zehr